Logo-5 Who are we? Anderson House Foundation is an American non-profit organization created to advance moral values and promote peace and democracy in a cross-cultural, multi-faceted setting through mass media and human contacts. The focus of this cultural exchange mission includes areas of human rights, religion, politics and nation-to-nation cooperation.

Anderson House Foundation is continuing the legacy and tradition of the cultural diplomacy of the YMCA Press ("IMKA Press") founded in the 1920s by Paul B. Anderson in Paris, France with the goal of preserving the cultural heritage of countries dominated by the Soviet Union.

Today, Anderson House is partnered with Mr. Ivan Malkovich and his A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishing House of Ukraine. It has received the rights, in North and South America, for the distribution of ABH’s children’s books with the award winning illustrations of Vladyslav Yerko. In this way, we are receiving cultural gifts from an area which the YMCA Press served for so many years.

The central office of AHF is located in Glen Ellyn, IL.


Dr. Paul B. Anderson, founder of YMCA Press in Paris (left) with his co-worker and friend Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. John R. Mott.


Chairman of AHF William E. Glenn and his wife Mary Anderson Glenn, daughter of Paul B. Anderson.